Pool Shapes

Pool Shapes are one of the major components in how your pool or backyard will look when the job is complete. The shape of your pool can make or break the look you are trying to achieve with your dream backyard. When choosing a pool shape it is important to consider all of your factors and options, such as 

  • Users and lifestyle needs 
  • Budget 
  • Landscaping surrounding the pool area 
  • Traffic flow around the pool 
  • Additional accessories desired 
  • Features like waterfalls of spas 
  • Decking and pool furniture
  • available space for building 

Pools can be shaped into traditional forms or customs forms of your choice! 

Common Pool Shapes

Rectangular Pools 

Rectangular pools usually give a formal appeal. They are long with straight edges and are ideal for swimming laps and exercising 

Roman and Grecian Pools 

Roman and Grecian pools are a type of rectangular pool. They have edges and curves that resemble elements of ancient art and give the appearance of sophistication.

True-L Pools 

True-L Pools are rectangles with a small extension off of one end. The break of the form can distinguish shallow and deep ends. 

Oval Pools 

Oval Pools are like rectangular pools without the edges. They feature soft edges and are long, usually with the same dimensions of  a rectangle. They allow for various types of water equipment and accessories to be utilized since there are no harsh edges.

Kidney-Shaped Pools

Kidney- Shaped Pools are shaped like two off centered ovals or circles that are intertwined with an indention in the middle. 

Figure Eight Pools 

Figure Eight Pools are centered interlocking circles, with indention's on either side. One side can be larger than the other, allowing deep ends to have more space. 

Free Form 

Free Form pools are made of concrete and can take any form you desire. they blend with nature easily and appear more organic in outdoor settings. 

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