Weather you are building a new backyard or updating your current one, picking the right plaster is crucial in keeping your pool looking and functioning like new!

A clean, sparkling pool is enticing on a hot summer day. A pools surface wears down over time, and a pool can begin to looked aged, unclean, or even unsafe. 

A new pool or a re-plaster of your current one is the biggest transformation you could make to your backyard paradise and our design consultants at Norris Pools have a large selection of plasters for you to choose the perfect one for your backyard!


Plaster is the most affordable and most durable option for someone looking to build or resurface your pool. Plaster also comes in a variety of colors that can enhance the water color and make the pool that much more inviting. 

Ask your Norris Pools design consultant to see the large selection of plaster colors that we have available for you to choose from! 

Aggregate Interior Finishes

Durable and with an inherent color variety, aggregate interior finishes makes it perfect for backyard upgrades.

with a variety of colors embedded in the aggregate itself, the pool water shines with a variety of colors as well. 

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