Important Information you must know

Requirments of the homeowner during the building process

         From the day of excavation (digging) it should take about thirty working days, which is six weeks for your new pool to be completed. Remember though, the day you sign your contract does not start the building process quite yet. There are other things that must be done before excavation can begin. Some of these things include financing (if applicable), Home owners association approval, marking and finding utilities, obtaining permits from your city or county (if applicable). Permits specifically can take a lot of time to process depending on where you live and the time of year, please keep this in mind when starting your new pool build. 

         There are few times that it will be REQUIRED that the homeowner be present during construction. The day that the swimming pool is excavated and the day that the electrician and gas companies are there. You will also need to water down the gunite structure two to three times a day for about seven days. Finally, once your new pool has filled with water up to the middle of the tile line it will be the homeowners responsibility to make sure that that water is turned off.

            Once you have installed the pool of your dreams the value of your home will increase as well! Normally you will receive an estimated 75% of the value of the pool. Keep in mind, the more you decorate the backyard with landscaping, the more money you will get back on the pool.