Handicap Accessibility Options

When you build a pool in your backyard you want it to be something that the whole family can enjoy! Norris Pools design consultants are informed and ready to help you design a pool with everybody's needs in mind! Weather you are swimming for recreation or therapy, being able to get in and out of your pool saftley is essential regardless of your physical capabilities. 

Available Options


Lifts are a swing or chair that attaches to a mechanical or hydro lift that allows for people to be placed gently in the water. This is an excellent option for people who dont want to compleatly rebuild their pool but need to make your pool more easily accessible. Pricing for lifts vary based off the type of lift you are looking for but there are lifts for every price range!  


Ramps are perfect for people in wheelchairs who are looking to enjoy their swimming pools. Depending on what you are looking for ramps can be designed for functionality or appearance. 

Beach Access

Beach access pools are the least assisitive of handicap options. Ideal for senior citizens or people who don't need full guidance getting in and out of the pool.   The slowly sloping natural look, paired with natural stone and landscaping can really enhance the visual appeal of your backyard. 

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