Eco-Friendly Pools and Spas

Having a beautiful and functional pool in your backyard does not need to come at the cost of the environment. Its no secret the pools use A LOT of water. Luckily, there are many Eco-Friendly options on the market that can help you conserve water and energy. So you can enjoy your pool and feel good about saving money and protecting the planet!

Eco-Friendly Options

High-Efficency Pumps

Most of your household appliances have probably transitioned over to a more efficient design, why shouldn't your pool equipment do the same? Here at Norris Pools we offer several Eco-Friendly options and your Norris Pools Design Consultant can help you pick the right equipment for you!

Intelligent Filtration Systems and Saltwater Systems

Along with energy efficient Pumps, we also offer state of the art filtration and sanitation systems that purify your water even when the pump isn't running.