Custom Pool Features

 Adding custom features to your pool allows you the opportunity to make it your own and seamlessly tie your new pool into your existing backyard. Weather you are seeking a serene place to relax, beautiful infinity pools to impress your guests,  or raised spas with vanishing edges, we are here to help you build your own unique pool. below are a couple of custom options offered, if you would like to build your own customized feature or take a look at the rest of the features that Norris Pools offers, please feel free to contact your Norris Pools design consultant to get started. 

Vanishing Edges


Vanishing edges allow for water to spill over the edges of your pool, giving it the appearance that water is disappearing over the edge never to be seen again! 

Beach Entries


Beach entries are a popular custom feature for many pool owners. The gentle slope of the pool floor descending into the water makes getting in and out of the pool a breeze, and great addition for children and sunbathers.

Raised Spas with Spillways


Add a layer of tranquility to your backyard by adding a spillway to your custom pool! A spa with a spillway allows water to pour from the spa into the pool, creating a natural sounding appeal. No matter what your vision, let your Norris Pools Design Consultant bring it to life!