Beach Entry Pool Designs

Also refereed to as zero-entry pools, Beach entry pools are quickly becoming one of the most sought after pool designs. The seamless entrance to the pool mimics the the entry to the ocean from land. Built on the shallow end of your pool the entrance gradually slopes down into the water. All the fun of the beach without all that pesky sand to clean up afterwards! 

What is a Zero Entry Pool?

A Zero-Entry Pool is a pool in which one or more of the side of the pool slopes gradually into the water. As you walk further into the water it begins to gradually succeed deeper into the water. 

Get that beachy feel in your Backyard with Norris Pools design Consultants helping you to build your backyard paradise!

Benefits of Zero-Entry or Beach Entry Pools

Besides the beauty that a zero-entry pool ties into your backyard, zero- entry pools also have a lot o benefits.

  • Beach entry design provides an innovative alternative to enter your pool. Without the traditional step design, zero-entry pools are ideal for people with limited mobility and is easy on joints.
  • The large shallow entrance provides a safe area for children to play. This makes it easier for parents to monitor children and give them a place to have fun. 
  • The large shallow pool entrance also provides the perfect place for parents to tan while keeping part of your body submerged in water.
  • Zero-entry pools provide a beautiful aesthetic for your backyard and give you a variety of options for landscaping ideas 

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